Merry Christmas

This year wishing “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” sounds hilarious. As you know, I live in Italy where this past 2020 we have the most deads number for COVID in the world. This is impressive, especially because doctors and healthcare staff made many sacrifices and their best. But everywhere, this 2020 has been a year to forget.

By my side, I have some bad food intolerance issues that make my life really hard sometimes. It’s difficult for me to take care of the blog and all my usual activities in Second Life like before, but luckily I have Violet, my effortless worker who takes care of many things and promotes art events like I’ve never seen before. I am so happy she collaborates with me on VIRTUALITY.

Sorry, I can’t find many words for this year’s Christmas time, but I am sure you’ll understand.
So, hoping and praying for all of us in a better 2021.